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Mimaso's Cloud Case Management Solution for Health and Welfare Treatment organisations is significantly impacting the addiction, aged care,

people in detention, domestic violence, child and adult protection, homelessness, and mental health sectors.


Automation of escalations and referrals streamlines these critical processes, reducing the time and effort required to manage them manually. Automated processes help minimise errors that can occur with manual handling, leading to more accurate and reliable case management.

Automated escalations ensure that urgent cases are promptly directed to the appropriate personnel or departments, facilitating a quicker response to critical situations.

Seamless Referrals: The system can automatically forward cases to the relevant parties or organisations, simplifying the referral process and ensuring that patients or clients receive the care or services they need without unnecessary delays.


For healthcare and welfare workers in the field, especially in remote or underserved areas, the ability to work offline is crucial. It ensures that they have access to necessary information and tools, regardless of internet connectivity. 
Data Synchronisation: When connectivity is restored, the system can sync data collected offline, ensuring no loss of information and maintaining the continuity of records.


Live KPI dashboards provide real-time insights into various aspects of healthcare and welfare management. This allows for immediate identification of trends, potential issues, and opportunities.

Data-Driven Decision Making: By having access to live data, decision-makers can base their actions on the most current information, leading to more informed and effective decision-making.

Performance Monitoring: These dashboards enable continuous monitoring of key performance metrics, helping organizations to measure their progress against goals and objectives.


Mimaso offers an all-in-one platform that integrates various aspects of case management, including data collection, reporting, workflow management, and compliance. 

Mimaso is scalable, meaning it can grow with your organisation. Whether you’re a small non-profit or a large healthcare provider, Mimaso can be scaled to fit your changing needs.



Recognising the diverse needs across different sectors like addiction and mental health care, Mimaso provides highly customisable forms and workflows. This user-centric design allows organisations to tailor the software to their specific processes and needs, enhancing usability and effectiveness.

Mimaso supports data-driven decision making by offering robust data management and reporting capabilities. This includes compliance with MDS and NDMS reporting requirements, ensuring that organiSations have the insights they need for informed decision-making and policy compliance.


Mimaso stands out due to its specialised focus, customisation capabilities, mobile accessibility, compliance adherence,

data security, data management efficiency, support for collaboration, scalability, flexibility, continuous improvements, ease of use and its overall positive impact on  care and outcomes in the Health and Welfare Sector.


Being a SaaS platform, Mimaso benefits from continuous updates and improvements based on user feedback and technological advancements. This approach ensures that the software remains cutting-edge and relevant. 


Mimaso specifically addresses the compliance and governance requirements mandated by peak bodies and funding agencies. This streamlined approach reduces the burden of regulatory compliance, which is a significant challenge.


The mobility app feature of Mimaso enhances accessibility, allowing healthcare providers and caseworkers to access and update critical information from anywhere. This is particularly beneficial for professionals who are often in the field or away from their primary workstation.

Mobil app.jpeg


Given the sensitive nature of data in health and welfare sectors, Mimaso prioritises high-level security and system reliability. This focus ensures that the organisations’ data is protected against breaches and the system is consistently available for use.


The SaaS model of Mimaso allows for scalability and flexibility, accommodating the evolving needs of organisations of different sizes and types. This scalability is crucial in adapting to growing demands, changing regulations, and technological advancements.


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